I started Neil Productions in my hometown of Houston, Texas because I always passionate to help businesses grow, no matter what size they were. To help promote, brand, and showcase awareness to their audience. I always focused on the details of creating these videos and how it can impact your business in a positive way. Our goals are to help increase your audience and potentially your revenue growth. We understand the video(s) created will represent your company and we take this to heart and consider as if this was our own. We create website videos, promo videos, television, social media videos, and any video content that will help grow or promote your business. Here at Neil Productions we sincerely care about what is put out there in the public and to make sure that it is the best video service and video product we can offer.
We are driven by high quality and telling your story through the eyes of the lens. 

Production Crew

Sunil Suku “Neil”

Founder & Creative Director

Founded Neil Productions back in 2014 as a freelancer professional, years later taken his freelance title into becoming a full turn key production company.

As an Alumni at the University of Houston.  Neil always had the determination to start a creative video production company in his home town and State of Texas. 

A true visionary and understanding clients’ needs to bring out the best results.

Becky Blalock

Client Relations

As a freelance graphic designer in Houston.  Becky has a passion for storytelling and positive friendly feel with working with people. 

Darshak Zala “D”

Cinematographer & Editor

The creative eye with exceptional extensive technical knowledge with cameras and editing softwares.  Making sure each shot or scene is done to it’s best.  

Each project D treats is with uniqueness and time it requires to fully encompass the vision.

David Sustaita

Editor & Audio Composer

Mastery of professional video, audio, and editing production, specialty recording, mixing and mastering.  David is very precise on editing videos making sure the color grade and cuts are seamless and natural, Sound to David is the special moment that adds the final touches to the video

Tabitha Fuller

Casting Talent or Voice

Worked at 104.1 KRBE radio, Tabitha as an actress herself, has a creative touch to attaining great talent and voice over artists to make sure the video has the best professional results.

Bradley Escalante


B-rad, professional operator of the Red Camera Line, Bradley is very intuitive about the style and composition of each shot.

Aj Saleem

Brand & Content Ambassador

Aj is strong believer in creating win-win relationships with our Clients and invests considerable time and effort in making the overall brand an reputation of the company a success.